Forex trading assets

Our trading platform provides an opportunity to use in trading more than 1000 underlying assets, the list of which is constantly expanding. On this page we will describe the main assets and their features in trading forex. Any transaction in the financial market is carried out by the purchase or sale of a specific asset. An asset is any object that has goods characteristics. The modern financial market allows you to work with assets that exist physically (gold, oil, etc.), and assets that exist virtually (e.g., indices). Regardless of the type of asset itself, the principles of trade do not differ. Traders make a profit in case of successful forecasting of the direction of the price development, where the final profit directly depends on the opening price and closing price of the deal. We provide a modern platform that works online, which provides a unique opportunity to open deals without physical purchase of an asset. All deals are carried out in real time and do not require physical purchase of the goods, allowing you to make profit solely on the basis of the difference in quotations, buying and immediately selling the selected asset. This is a popular type of underlying asset, which is of interest to traders since it has specific physical properties. Every commodity really exists, and whole states show interest in them. Examples of commodities are precious metals, oil, gas, wheat, etc. Simply put, these are the goods that people need every day. This characterizes the main property of goods - a strong relationship with all events taking place in the world. Any geopolitical, political, military, weather and other events will certainly influence these assets. Even if you just watch the news every day, you will be aware of the events that surround this market, and what the base for the analysis is. Shares are securities that give their owners the right to publicly own the company. By means of modern technologies you can become the owner of shares of such famous companies as Apple, Facebook, Google and others. Quotations of these assets are directly related to the health of the company. Therefore, the main information for studying this group is financial and analytical materials related to the company. If you trade through banks, then there are difficulties in the form of physical purchase of shares, and the subsequent search for a buyer. With our trading platform this shortcoming is eliminated, since we take all the risks of finding a buyer. You just have to study the companies and segments associated with them to make a profit. Indices are elements of grouping companies according to a certain criterion. The total value of all companies that make up the index is its price. The initial idea of introducing the indices was characterized by the fact that they allow for a more precise study of the state of the economy as a whole and of specific industries in particular. With their help, there is an assessment of the prospects for the development of the market. For the companies, getting into the index list is an indicator of growth and success. General trading algorithms with this type of assets are not different from simple share trading. To date, the world's largest indices are: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P500, Nikkei, DAX, FTSE 100.